Influence the Fall Schedule!

Though it doesn't seem possible as the sun continues to fry my outdoor plants, Fall is right around the corner. As of September 22, we will be switching to the Fall class schedule. If you want to offer any thoughts on the proposed schedule below, I'd love to hear from you! Just shoot me an email at:

What classes are STAYING on the Schedule?

Tuesday & Thursday 75 min Vinyasa at 9am

Tuesday Pilates/Sculpt at 6pm

Thursday 75 min Yoga w/ Weights & Nidra at 6pm (I WILL be keeping a class in this slot, but I am open to suggestions on format: Power Yoga? Limit Nidra? Cardio/Sculpt? Vinyasa Flow?)

Friday Pilates/Sculpt at 9am

What classes are being DROPPED from the Schedule?

Tuesday Chair Yoga at 5pm (plan to drop, but can be persuaded to keep it if there is enough interest. So if you want it - SPEAK UP!)

Wednesday & Friday Meditation & Yoga at 8am (due to lack of students)

Wednesday Yoga w/ Weights & Nidra at 9am (due to lack of students)

What Will be NEW on the Schedule?

Weekend 75 min Power Yoga Sundays at 9:30am (Late Fall)

Meditation Fundamentals (4-week Course, 11am-12:30pm, starting 10/25)

Private Fitness Coaching (individually scheduled times)

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