Welcome, Friends.

I have been called to teach. It’s where I feel centered, strong, calm; authentic and free. In guiding you through your practice, I hope to remind you of what you already know: that you already have everything you need; that you are perfect as you are; and that you can trust your own wisdom. To remind you that you have the power to bring your life into balance and heal yourself.

Let’s align & balance our bodies as well as our minds, and then bring that equanimity off our mats and into our lives. Not just practicing yoga, but living yoga in the world. Join me as we allow our physical bodies to “teach” and nourish our spirits, in practices that empower each of us to live into our best selves and bring our unique gifts out into the world in all their magnificent glory.

To JK: For showing me what a true partner is. For being an unrelenting cheerleader. For wrapping me in so much unconditional love that I could finally heal myself.


I am a dedicated practitioner of yoga, meditation and journaling. An avid lover of life and movement (biking, tennis, hiking, SUP, kayaking, dance). A happily divorced Mom of two amazing teenage boys and a joyous co-parent. Former distance runner & former attorney (I literally ran away from a life that did not bring me joy!) Lover of books and ideas. Lifelong learner.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Reiki Level II Practitioner
ACA Certified SUP Level I with Yoga Endorsement


200 hr. Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Rolf Gates
300 hr. Fluid Yoga Teacher Training with Kevan Gale

NASM Personal Trainer Certification Course

Reiki Level I & II with Libby Barnett

Yoga Assisting I & II with Down Under Yoga

ACA Stand Up Paddle Board Level I & Yoga Endorsement with Anna Levesque

Chair Yoga & Weights for Seniors with Silver Sneakers

MadDog Spin, Kaiser Spin, GroupRide, GroupCore, & ZumbaStrong


Yoga Nidra with Kevan Gale

Meditation with Lorin Roche & Coby Kozlowski

Healing Energy with Alex Amorosi

Introduction to Chanting with Girish

SpaYoga with Betty Riaz

Introduction to Ayuveda Cooking with Kate O’Donnell

Yoga & Vino Retreat with Sadie Nardini

Private Pilates instruction with Julie Erickson