Balance Your Body

Balance Your Mind

Practice with Dore

Living a Balanced Life

Life naturally seeks balance, much like water. If we listen to our bodies as we move, they will whisper their wisdom to our souls. If we align properly in a Warrior Two, for example, with energy spread evenly through two equally grounded feet, the front knee directly over the ankle, the shoulders centered over the hips, and the arms laying strong, but buoyantly on the air, the pose becomes effortless. We are in balance: neither reaching forward over the knee as if rushing to the future, nor reaching toward the back foot, stuck and clinging to the past. And so it goes for our lives off the mat - the opportunity to be fully aligned in the present moment.

We are not living a balanced life when we bombard ourselves with negative self talk, cling to self-sabotaging beliefs, or hold on to ideas & stories that don’t serve us.

Whether we sit in meditation to still the mind so that our intuition can shine through, or move with mindful awareness of our bodies and experience the grace of loving ourselves without being perfect, we can tap into our inner strength, find that place of “knowing beyond knowing,” and, like water finding its own level, settle into equilibrium.